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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thomas Friedman calls for doubling the amount of troops we have in Iraq in today’s NY Times editorials (this link requires a login, but it’s still free for the time being!). I’ve been impressed by Friedman’s principled stand on the war, among other things – he definitely hasn’t done his cocktail-party circuit stock any favors lately. He admits that sending more troops is the last thing anyone wants to hear – true enough, especially since no one knows where they would come from.

I have to admit to having some mixed feelings and not a little guilt on this subject – I’ve been a strong supporter of the war from the beginning, and now that manpower appears to be getting tight, I feel like I should pull my weight. Physically, nothing is stopping me – I know for a certainty I can run fast enough and do enough pull-ups and sit-ups. At 34, I’m at the top end of the scale but still qualify for both regular and reserve Army. I don’t feel joining the Army now would be any more dangerous than some of the things I’ve done in the past, traipsing around Central Asia. What’s stopping me is naked self-interest – I’ve got a family, I’m starting law school, etc. All that would be put on hold – which is really saying that I’m valuing all of that over my country – not a pretty admission.

Two years ago they told me they didn’t need me. I talked to probably five different recruiters - online, on the phone, and in person – who told me that I’d never get a waiver to go to Officer Candidate School because of my age, since it was full for the next few years. (More self-interest – military pay even at junior officer levels would be a hell of a paycut, and enlisted would be like a 75% drop) Now they’re missing recruiting targets even after lowering the goals. Meanwhile, I sit here counting chile peppers waiting for August 16, and the Deadman.


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