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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Walk the walk, Musharraf -

Pervez Musharraf, obviously hoping to defray some bad mojo coming his way over the first string of London bombings, made a televised address to the people of Pakistan even as the second wave of bombs went off today. Noting that the UK should do more to crack down on Islamist extremists in their country, including groups issuing fatwas for the death of Musharraf himself, he promised some new steps to combat militants inside Pakistan such as registering madrassas, restricting funding to banned groups, and cracking down on hate literature. Basically the same ineffective half-measures warmed over.

We've heard all this before. Pakistan, we've covered your back - India isn't going to get a Security Council seat, and we're watching their nukes. It's time to start seeing some bleary-eyed, unshaven dudes in handcuffs loaded on planes bound for London and Gitmo or better yet, some dust clouds raised in Waziristan.


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