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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Absolutely disgraceful -

It is high time for the Office of Personnel Management to be run up the flagpole. This article in the Washington Times shows that a Border Patrol agent arrested for shaking down illegals is in fact a Mexican citizen who used a forged birth certificate to obtain his job with the agency (note, now under the Department of Homeland Security no less). No surprise, his background investigation was performed by OPM. For anyone who doesn't know about my grudge with the particular agency, I had the wonderful experience of waiting 20 months for them to finish my background investigation.

The whole time, the DEA assured me that the delay was due to the fact that I had lived in so many different countries and that OPM had to make inquiries in each one. FALSE. The OPM rep who interviewed me just shook his head when I asked him about that - they had neither the capacity nor the will to do that. The delay was purely due to backlog and inertia. That was when I started having serious doubts about putting my life and career in the hands of the government. It's obvious those doubts were well-founded.


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