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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Halfway there

Well, now that the mock trial competition is finally over, we're getting dug out enough to start prepping for finals. With everything going on, the semester went by pretty much in a blur.

Somewhere back there in September, though, we crossed a milestone: two years of this last stateside hitch down, so there's really only one year left under the original plan. Looking at the calendar, I realized that I could start looking for work back overseas as early as next summer!

Of course, I won't be done with the Deadman that fast, so that puts back the jump date a bit. Still, I should be done inside of the next two years or so, so the way I figure it, I've now got fewer days left to go than I've already crossed off. The best part: rain or shine, good day or bad day, that plane ticket just keeps getting one day closer.


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