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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I still hate goddamn football

Worst moment so far from OCI (other than having to disclose my undergrad grades to the punk asses who decided to ask about them):

I sit down to talk to two very nice people, one of whom happens to be from Burkburnett--so an immediate down-home angle to play. Unfortunately, he looks at my resume and perks up with "Ah, so you're a Longhorn. What'd you think of that game Saturday?"

Damn it. The season opener, which everyone was talking about on Saturday like it was the second coming or something. My mental "to-do list" flashed inside my head, with "At least find out who wins" unchecked (I HAD managed to check on the Cowboys, though, but to no avail). Worse yet, the guy didn't give me any of the inflection that I normally count on in these situations to indicate whether I'm supposed to be giddy or outraged over whatever the hell transpired out there.

The best I could manage was a lame "Well, it's just one of those things. I heard on the radio that it was closer than the scoreboard said." (I did hear that as I scanned past ESPN Radio, right? Weren't they talking about UT?) Mercifully, a subject change came to my rescue.

I found out later that UT won, for whatever that's worth. Hook 'em Horns!


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