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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Note to the rest of the world: go on ahead with out us

Scrap the bail-out and the economic stimulus plan--let's just pull the plug right now. It's obvious we're going to remain a nation of idiots for some time:

In a state where football is king, students who pass, kick and tackle will soon be able to get more credit toward high school graduation.

After lengthy debate that pitted coaches against some school reform advocates, the State Board of Education approved a plan Wednesday to give football players – and other high school athletes – twice as much credit.

The proposal, which could go into effect as early as next school year, would allow four years of sports to count as elective credits toward graduation instead of the current maximum of two years.

The board's 10-5 vote followed often emotional debate, with both Dallas members – Republican Geraldine Miller and Democrat Mavis Knight – voting no.

Supporters said the move would keep kids in school and spur them to do well in academic courses. Critics charged that the plan would de-emphasize academics and return to the days of "football comes first."

This is especially poignant given this column from Leonard Pitts in yesterday's Dallas Morning News that raises an excellent question about the Obamas' choice of school for their children to attend in DC (almost certainly a private school): if our public schools aren't good enough for the President's children, why are they good enough for any of our children?

Let me jump off on that point--since there's an even chance that at least one of Obama's daughters will be in high school by the time he leaves office, do you think the high school that she will attend will give four years of credit for athletics? Or do you think maybe it might eschew that choice in favor of rigorous math/science, arts, and foreign language requirements? You think that school will give a damn about students whose goals and motivations are so upside down that they need to be lured into a classroom with a damned toy? Given all that, you think maybe we should make our public schools look more like the kind of schools our elites send their kids to, instead of less??

Alright, I know I'm just whizzing into the wind on this one. Just like gardening and giving a damn what color the kitchen is, I've tried to understand this deal--watch the games, read the stats, listen to ESPN radio--and it just ain't in me. Someone who does understand it--enlighten me: are sports really so damn important that we have to send everything else to hell over them?


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