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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Absolutely disgraceful II

Man, I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (the two hours in traffic to the office didn't help), but I am really screwed right into the ceiling today. This story is on the front page of the Dallas Morning News.

The kid admits to participating in the armed robbery of six people, but the principal and superintindent of his school district can't see why that should stop him from playing football - he's innocent until proven guilty, after all. (Note to CPS: please release all the children in your custody back to their abusive homes while the cases are pending - the parents are innocent until proven guilty just like Jackson)

The quote that really pushes my launch button is this one, though:

"This may be his only route to a college education. Who are we to take that away, by making him sit out?" (Superintindent) Lewis asked.

His only route to a college education? Really? The article mentions not once but twice that Jackson is carrying a 3.35 GPA - what's stopping him from getting into college like everyone else (aside from possibly the Texas Correctional System)? It's plain we're not worried about a college education here - we're worried about a future pro football career.

Who are you to take that away from him, Superintindent Jackson? You're the steward of the education of all the students in your district, even those that the college scouts aren't particularly interested in. And you've taught them one hell of a lesson.


Blogger Agnes Mitchell said...

Hmmm, I am totally on the fence on this one. On the one hand, he should not play. He should be doing hard time. Now! (If, in fact, the admissions are credible. He's not pleading guilty. That will be very gray area when this goes to trial!) He threatened life with a weapon. He assaulted someone. He must not continue without consequences.
On the other hand, no correctional system is going to reform him. It is more likely he will be far worse when he gets out than when he went in. What is going to change is life? Maybe, just maybe, one person having faith in him will do that. Maybe down the line he will give back because someone didn't write him off just quite yet.
No, he shouldn't play. Yes, he should be incarcerated if he was involved.
Right now, he's out on bail. Let him practice and sit him on the sidelines. If he gave up his chance for football to be his ticket into college, he'll have to do like the rest of us and earn it another way.

5:06 PM  
Blogger rattlerd said...

Agnes, I'd feel alot better about this whole story if I thought for an instant that anything more than Friday Night Light-fever was driving this deal...

6:46 AM  
Blogger Agnes Mitchell said...

Does it help to consider that this kid will have the media following his every move until the verdict is read? That is part of the consequences and the price he must pay. (no sympathy here) That makes him an expensive risk for any college. (not even in money as much as media scrutiny) I am not naive enough to believe that no recruiter will think it a worthwhile expense. If so, I hope that the recruiter's offense makes much larger headlines than this.
Furthermore, let's not even get started on the parents who's kids might sit on the bench while this kid is on the field. There will be come-uppance from that.
Rest assured that the boy will pay for what he has done.

What the kid gains from this year (prior to trial) will make or break him as a person. I still stand that he should not play. Ethically, that in itself should be an example to other kids (in these formative years), and precedence should be set.
His ability to accept that as a consequence will be the measure of the man.
(This issue raises a lot of questions in a lot of areas, does it not?)

10:21 AM  
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