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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Weather report from Hell - unseasonably cold weather heading this way...

The folks down in the blazing infernal regions must be breaking out the ice skates and snow shovels right about now - Donna Brazile has a column in the Dallas Morning News today praising President Bush on his response to Hurricane Katrina. What's next - Molly Ivins stumping for the flat tax?? Brazile is a political survivor nonpareil, so I tend to doubt she's moved wholly by some misty sentimentality for W. over here.

I think the Dems have realized they shot way out to the left and need to reel it back toward the middle. The usual suspects vented their spleens early and often in the wake of the hurricane, but now they need to be seen as being on the team for the re-building effort or risk losing out on the credit when it's finished. I'm also taking this as the first brick laid in the Road to Reasonableness by 2008 - and Camp Casey have stirred up the last of the faithful to a fever pitch, but as campaign season inches closer, they become more of a liability than an asset. The Dems have got to start purging the moonbats and find a way back to the center in time to field a viable candidate. Will the left flank march quietly into that good night? Stay tuned, buzzards...


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