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Friday, August 26, 2005

Really starting to have fun now -

It took so long to get here that sometimes I have to remind myself that it's real, but it is. Maybe the years of wading through FASB interpretations and Treasury Regs have helped, but I haven't found tackling the cases to be that difficult - I kind of like the he said, she said nature of it. Not that the issues have been of earth-shattering importance - two of our Torts cases (well, one and half) involve children. Not in the sense of custody, mind you, but children doing things that might be tortious (got to use the vocab to make it stick!).

I think the best part is the no-nonsense, determined mindset my colleagues have displayed. Being surrounded by confident people makes anything less stressful. Bankers, paralegals, IT pros, engineers, mothers, fathers - really an impressive group. As one of the guys in my group said last night, when you've had to face the regional manager holding bad sales numbers for the quarter with your job on the line, the prospect of getting called on in class doesn't seem so scary. I imagine, for example, that for the older couple who decided to go to law school together now that their children are grown, there's almost nothing this process can throw at them that they wouldn't be ready for.

First week's impression: worth the money, every cent.

Continue to march!


Blogger nappel said...

Not sure for the rest of you there but I'm happy about it!

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