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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nothing like a workout to recharge the batteries

The Deadman had to take a pause for the cause today and squeeze in a workout. The pace, she wears on me. I left work and dragged into campus this afternoon feeling like I'd been beat with a hose. An hour in the newly-finished Dedman Lifetime Sports Center did the trick, though.

Let me tell you, there's nothing like a college gym in the afternoon. Nothing but bad form, quarter reps, and high school football T-shirts (Plano seems over-represented). As usual, the grunter was there. He's always been there, ever since I was a kid back at UT. Grunters don't last too long at commercial gyms, but college gyms still have enough high school carryover that you're sure to see, each and every trip, at least one kid with his back arched all the way up off the bench screamin' like a madman while his poor spotter struggles to wrench the hideously-overloaded bar off his chest as he vainly calls out "It's all you, man!"

Obligatory coup de grace: jump up off the bench after such a shameful spectacle and flex into the mirror with an emphatic "Yeah!"

The best thing about college gyms, though, is that there's never any waiting for the really useful things like squat racks, deadlift platforms, or any dumbbell over 75 pounds. If you're looking to flat bench or do some bicep curls with the 35-pounders, though, be ready for some congestion.

PS--For Kellus and Roscoe: Mia and Ana were definitely in attendance.


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