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Monday, February 27, 2006

So did you just wake up one day and decide to write this?

That's what Prof. Steinberg asked me today about my paper for the Yale writing competition. I had to admit that that was about the size of it. I guess most people submit things they've written for class, law review, etc. Not too many "walk-ons", evidently. Anyway, this prof taking the time out to read my paper and comment on it even though I'm not in any of his classes is another example of why I've been so impressed by the faculty here. Prof Walls, my legal writing instructor, was just as gracious and proofed the whole damn thing. It really surprises me how willing they both were to help.

So far, the paper hasn't generated any tangible returns, but I keep finding competitions that it qualifies for, so at some point the law of averages has to kick in. The next one is for the international section of the Texas State Bar--maybe we'll get lucky and score a skin off of that one.


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