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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Get these two on the crew...

Trying to figure out how to embed this video--but here's the link:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Remind me next year...

Get the damn flu shot.

Day of the Cinderellas

I am once again so glad that I'm doing this deal at a 'more advanced' stage in life--there are some things that I see now that I know really would have gotten under my skin 10 years ago. Now, they just strike me as tragi-comic:

Today the results were released for the much-lauded Spring On-Campus Interview Bidding process. The name itself is a bit of fluff--implies some level of strategery definitely not present. All you do is post your resume, writing sample, transcript, etc., and flag the guys you want to try to talk to. Anyway, I signed up for a handful of slots along the spectrum just to see what would drag up.

Everyone has their own log-in page on the net. If someone you flagged wants to talk to you, you get a little button to click to schedule your casting couch session. Out beside the names of those guys who DIDN'T want to talk to you, you just see this:

not invited

At the risk of sounding declasse, can you get a little whiff of 7th grade coming off this deal?

Well, Mr. Big-shot Downtown Tall Building Lawyer firm, you're not invited to my party either. And there's going to be girls there and everything--and Mom said we could stay up 'til midnight. Just think about that. Nerd.