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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is classic

From the Instapundit's website, here's a snippet from an article by Naomi Wolf in the Washington Post:

EDUCATION ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT, from Naomi Wolf: "Few young Americans understand that the Second Amendment keeps their homes safe from the kind of government intrusion that other citizens suffer around the world; few realize that 'due process' means that they can't be locked up in a dungeon by the state and left to languish indefinitely."

UPDATE: A couple of readers think that Naomi Wolf meant the Fourth Amendment, not the Second, but I'm sure they're wrong. First, she's writing about Constitutional ignorance, so I'm sure she took time to review the Bill of Rights herself. Second, if she had made that kind of error, one of the layers of editors at the Post would have caught it. Third, her statement is correct on the merits.

The question now is: will Wolf or the Post be too embarrassed to correct the error, or too embarrassed to let it stand???