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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Now here's a strategy with legs!

How many times have I said it myself--I should have listened to my wife:

Clinton has often said that not acting in Rwanda was one of his biggest regrets. It's a decision, he said, for which he continues to try to make amends. Had he listened to his wife, Clinton said, things might have been different.

"I believe if I had moved we might have saved at least a third of those lives," he said. "I think she clearly would have done that."

He went on to explain how America, which did intervene in the former Yugoslavia, could only take on so much at once. But not acting in Rwanda, he suggested, was a mistake his wife wouldn't make.

Here's a thorough run-down of why this can't possibly be true in the conventional, non-Clintonian sense of the word.

Aside from the trivial matter of veracity, though, this could be a killer campaign strategy--if Hillary starts claiming she was right on all the things Bill was wrong on, she's can dip into a very deep well of talking points indeed.


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