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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rough week here at the Deadman

For some reason, this week seemed to be about six months long. I can just barely remember Monday now, but I think that's when I first heard about the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Since then, my beloved SMU Dedman School of Law has been taking a beating in the blog-world. Words like 'pedestrian' and 'undistinguished' are flying. Most of it is pretty easy to shrug off. The bottom line for us here at the Deadman is that Miers is a home-team hero and we're behind her all the way.

It is harder to ignore people like Charles Krauthammer and George Will, two of the leading lights in our little constellation of literati-worship. They only obliquely criticize the school, but it's still hard to be on the business end of their pens. True to form, however, Ann Coulter eschews the kid gloves and comes right to the point by saying that SMU basically puts the 'piss' in piss-ant. Well, allow me to retort (it's movie-quote week here at the Deadman).

One of the reasons SMU gets a #52 rank in the US News & World Reports list is that they'll give guys like me a shot even though we bring down their published GPA/LSAT numbers. You've never seemed to have a problem with us salt-o'-the-earth heartlanders when we're buying your books or tuning into your TV and radio appearances, Ann, but I guess that's just what we less-than-giant brains should be doing: gratefully receiving your wisdom passed down from on high into our grubby, undeserving hands. On that note, I wonder what it is that got you all those TV gigs in the first place--was it the giant brain or the penchant for mixing long legs and short skirts?

You've got alot of nerve telling Harriet Miers she hasn't got the snuff to wear the black robe, Coulter. She was down here in Big D picking commercial litigators out of her teeth while you were still writing 'Carter Sucks' in glitter-pen on your textbook covers. While you were 'fighting the good fight' against the likes of Naomi Wolf on the glam-cam, she was with GW actually putting the rubber to the road.

To quote a redneck 'philospher-king', you can turn in your fez AND your tie-tack, Coulter, 'cause you are off the Auxiliary Friends of the Deadman roster. And for anybody else who has a problem with an SMU alum impertinent enough to sit among the nine, I'll refer you to our sister-blog, the Temple.


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