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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sorry, Kurds--you just dont' have that revolutionary chic

Ah, well--onward we trudge. Before I caught the news about Miers on the radio on the way in this morning, this is what I had planned to blog about: a great article in the Dallas Morning News about the Iraqi Kurds.

It's Tenuous Parallels week here at the Deadman. I was thinking about how a free Kurdistan is alot like the repeal of the Wright amendent (see below)--a great idea that doesn't have a thing in the world to stop it except the naked self-interest of more powerful parties in opposition. For Kurdistan, instead of DFW, the Dallas City Council, and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, it's Iran, Turkey, and, sadly, the US. Also, Southwest Airlines has something going for it that the Kurdish cause doesn't: a good PR campaign. The last line of the DMN article, quoting the niece of President Talabani, clinches it:

"I'm not saying never, but it's not going to happen now and not anytime in the near future. Let's face it. We're not Palestine."

Ms Talabani is right. I mean, c'mon, the Kurds haven't even fielded one good suicide bomber yet. Plus, they are unlucky enough to be oppressed by non-white people and they haven't been able to figure out a way to insinuate Israel into their plight. Without some good ol' fashioned Zionism-baiting, they're just never going to get the kind of support from left-wing intellectuals and rich, spoiled college students from Washington and Oregon that it takes to really make a cause celebre.

Get with it, Kurds! Let's start seeing some charges of colonialism, racism, and Orientalism out there! Until then, your claims for independence are just far too legitimate to be taken seriously...


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