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Friday, November 11, 2005


My colleague rightly takes me to task for being so maudlin below. I wrote that post right after the lecture--the pictures stirred up the old wanderlust and I was simply feeling sorry for myself, which is ridiculous. Thank you, my friend--I appreciate it. The site is not supposed to be about me puling.

Now for the part that probably sounds stupid: if I had my bar card today or if we fast-forward a few years (God willing), I'd take a job in Baghdad or Amman way before I'd take one in Dallas or New York. I know people are getting blown up there, but that's exactly why people of good will need to be there. Unfortunately, there's alot that needs doing now that can only be done with a gun, but all of that pales in comparison to what needs to be done with a fountain pen.

I still think the larger battle all over the world has to do with modernity. The shocks are coming from some parts of the world waking up from a long dream and struggling to come to grips with the daylight. As Prof Anderson would say, more on that later. I will say that what I learned living overseas is that the world eventually purges anachronisms. That's why I want to get back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about your family?

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might consider if your own house is in order before you gallant over to tidy up someone elses.

There are people in your midst who have no voice and no one to rise up and defend them. There are also evildoers, some with with ink pens, who need to be put down. Bottom line: there are injustices at your door step and in your back yard.

While I see the devestation of the IEDs on TV, the silently devestating problems of your own countrymen is totally deafening.

You and I do not need a TV to see them. We just need a TV or pictures of a distant land to distract us.

7:29 PM  
Blogger wiseone said...

re to anonymous comment. I wonder if we are seeing the same evildoers, or are my evildoers your idea of freedom fighters. SAYS THE WISEONE

9:35 AM  

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