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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I took off work today to catch a lecture provided by the International Law Society. The speaker was the general counsel for the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and he gave a presentation about accomodating Islamic banking practices. It was really interesting--I'll post some more on it later.

After he wrapped up, though, he showed us some photos he took while on a four-month tour of duty in Iraq as an advisor to the CPA to help set up an Iraqi central bank. It was funny how much things there looked like western Kazakhstan. I don't know why I go to these things--seeing everything going on out there in the world makes it harder to sit here, knowing in all likelihood I'll never get back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's too bad. God knows you are missing all of the cool stuff over in the Middle East. Maybe you could have been in Jordan at the Days Inn or the Radison enjoying a little down time with some of your new found friends at their wedding when BOOM. Gosh, I wouldn't have guessed by looking at you in class that you were all that miserable.

10:20 PM  
Blogger wiseone said...

There is a lot you could do to change the direction that your own country is taking. People with vision and motivation need to work on recapturing the original American traditions and principles before wandering of the fight battles elsewhere. SAYS THE WISEONE

9:32 AM  

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