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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sometimes an example says it all

One of the things we were constantly exhorted to do in preparing our legal memos this semester was to show cases where the rule of law we cited had been applied, what our professors called the "rule in action". I thought about the value of that last week while I was watching Jay Leno:

Jay was doing his regular bit "Jaywalking" by interviewing people on the street about funny vocabulary words--what is the difference between 'continent' and 'incontinent', a 'sensless beating' and 'beating someone sensless', etc. He asked one guy, "What's the difference between 'sensual' and 'sexual'?"

The dude thought about two seconds before he answered, "Sensual is something a woman would want, and sexual is something a guy would want."

I don't think you could nail it any closer than that...


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