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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rockford, Rupert Rockford...

Or, in which the Deadman makes his first appearance in a Frank Crowley Court room

Yep, more drama club today. Volunteered to play a witness for the National Trial Competition this week. My character turned out to be Rupert Rockford, lead singer of the Dead Armadilloes, accused of starting a fire in a Dallas night club with their over-the-top pyrotechnics. Between this, the moot court practices, and everything else, I may have to apply for a SAG card soon. I hear the insurance is great...

Alright, RK--if you didn't like comparing law school to high school, how about thespian academy? As an aside back to high school, BB forcing us to do those weird things like 'cold interp' did kind of help here--in most of these things they only give you a little time to look over your character's deposition before you take the stand, and there's alot of 'fill-in the blanks' as direct and cross get going.

Another thing, even though everyone thinks they're a rock star in their own head, it's kind of strange to hear four twenty-somethings in suits walk around in a real courtroom referring to you as one.


Blogger rkellus said...

That is the courthouse where my partner (Aaron Alred) and I won our $750,000 wrongful death case. The bad news was that it was only a mock trial. The good news was that out of 16 teams trying the exact same fact pattern, we were the only ones who won the plaintiff's case. Sometimes I still count my pretend 33.3% contingency fee dollars.

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