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Friday, March 14, 2008

Shocked, shocked to find gambling in Casablanca

In the aftermath of the Spitzer flame-out, we're getting alot of misty-eyed sympathy for poor little Ashley Alexandra Dupre, who evidently--with the classic "if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere" spirit--just came to the Big Apple to launch a singing career. It doesn't look like they're going to be making a sequel to Pretty Woman out of this one, though. Since motivational speaker Matt Foley (who once noted of an aspiring young writer "Brian, from what I've heard, you're using your paper, not for writing, but for rolling doobies!!") is unavailable, I will simply say that she apparently wasn't using her lips for voice lessons (ahem):

She's been hanging around the night-life scene for a few years," said one well-connected club source. "She's definitely a party girl. She was out four, five nights a week and was a staple. She danced on tables and had fun.

Here's what her former employers had to say about her motivations:

"Like all of them, she wanted to hang out with guys with money," a source said.

For the club owners, it's all coming together:

Now it makes sense where her Cartier watch, her Louis Vuitton bathing suit and her trips to St.-Tropez came from.

Fascinating--who would have thought that a prostitute would have been motivated by money?


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