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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Exploring the psyche of the law professor, Part X

With the start of every semester comes a brand new batch of arm-chair generals and tweed elbow-patches, along with some you've already encountered. Now that we've been to every class once, here are a couple of highlights:

Low stress environment: Our Property prof told us that he is well into grading our exams from last semester, and is right on track to have them done by the deadline for submission to the Dean, January 30. Date we took the exam: November 28. And 50% of it was multiple choice.

Enjoying your job perhaps a bit too much: In Con Law, we were issued a pocket-sized U.S. Constitution with the admonition to develop a level of affection and familiarity toward it 'akin to that of a United States Marine toward his rifle.'

Oh, boy...

P.S.--the pocket Constitution is pretty cool, though. Of course, I named mine Vera.


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