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Friday, May 02, 2008

Exam and Summertime Mojo

Alright--feeling like we need some psychic voodoo to take us to the next level. At times like these, there's only one place to go: the Conan well.

Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!

This could be the shot we've been waiting for--the one that could get us back. Now we'll see if we're tough enough (though hopefully we won't have to bite through a vulture's neck while nailed to the Tree of Pain...)


Blogger Andria said...

The Diva is done. You may call me esquire now.

8:28 PM  

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